Lattes CV:

Short CV:
She’s a journalist with a master degree and a PhD in Communication and Culture from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where she also conducted postdoctoral research in Communication. Her master’s and doctoral concentrations were cultural consumption, taste, therapeutic culture, and self-help culture. Currently, she is conducting research on the production of subjectivity and representation on television serial fiction.

Advising Interests:
1) Television and new media – new models of distribution, production, and consumption of television content .
2) Serial Fiction – production, distribution, and consumption of television serials and their paratexts.
3) Media representations – studies on representation and stereotypes in media artefacts.
4) Production of subjectivity – influence of media products on processes of subjectivisation.
5) Cultural consumption – fan practises, sociability , and the production of meaning in media consumption

Research Project

Gender, intersectionality, and discourses on the quality of contemporary television serial fiction
This project aims at investigating gender representations in television serial fiction, considering the general perception of several problems related to female characters in contemporary television. Some of these problems refer to long disseminated stereotypes, others are connected to currently more debated issues concerning the idea of intersectionality, that encompasses themes involving race, nationality, sexuality, social class, and so on. We have analysed how  the representation considered as the most “progressist” in relation to women and other political minorities have been employed as an explicative key for the categorisation of given productions as “of quality” and the impact this kind of interpretation exerts on  the works themselves and within the discursive milieu they bring into light, moreover, among expert critics and these serials fan communities.  


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