Research concentrations

Communication Aesthetics and Technologies

Study of the aesthetic, cognitive, and technological dimensions of media culture, focusing on semiotic, sensory, affective, subjectivising, and/or sociability implications of media dispositives. The most frequent research themes approach the technological mediation and artistic influence on the modernisation of perception, the body, and the senses; history and genealogy of communication technologies; sociocultural, identitary, subjectivising, political, and economical aspects of cyberculture; regimes of meaning within the field of media images and sonorities.

Professors: Beatriz Polivanov, Benjamim Picado, Emmanoel Ferreira, Felipe Trotta, Fernanda Carrera, Paula Sibilia, Simone Pereira de Sá, Viktor Chagas.

Media, Culture, and Production of Meaning

Analysis of the relations between communication, culture, and narrative constructions as social and cultural practises in its narrative and discursive aspects,   hence considering issues related to media, power, alterity, and identity. Within this framework, most research themes approach communication in its appropriations, mediations, and actions; the analysis of media messages and the corresponding cultural processes under the perspective of communication social circuit; the tensions and processes involved in the production of meaning and the study of issues connected to the relations inscribed within cultural dynamics.

Professors: Afonso de Albuquerque, Ariane Holzbach, Bruno Campanella, Carla Barros, Fernando Resende, Kleber Mendonça, Marco Antonio Roxo, Mayka Castellano, Thaiane Oliveira

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